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Going Home

Going Home

At first glance, this artwork illustrates the last journey of one of America's finest sons, but there are elements of the sculpture that carry deep symbolism.

Flyboy (WWII Airman)

Flyboy (WWII Airman)

Inspired by the courage and commitment of all who served in the second World War, this monumental Army Air Corps Navigator, is a tribute to those who offered their lives to defend our country and the world from tyranny.


Going Home (small version)

Going Home
(small scale)

The figure carrying the fallen soldier to Heaven is angelic, she is also the symbol of God's great love and mighty power—power that conquers even death.

Freedom's Legacy

Freedom's Legacy

This wonderful sculpture is the embodiment of American pride and freedom. The little boy proudly salutes “Old Glory” as she goes by. Carried by one of our servicemen, may she always be free.



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