When Jesus met the fisherman Simon, and renamed him “Peter,” Christ foresaw his irreplaceable role in the establishment and endurance of the New Covenant faith. (John 1:42; Jer. 31:31-34)

Peter knew Jesus personally, traveled with Him for three years, denied Him in Pilate's court, saw Him resurrected, received the Holy Spirit, and spent the rest of his life serving the poor and the sick and teaching others of salvation in Christ. Peter was a man who had received great graces, yet was familiar with failure—particularly his own. Many call him “flawed,” but I see him as distinctly human. He loved Christ deeply and devoted himself to the Gospel, but often he came up short, failing himself and those he loved most. (Matt. 26:69-75; Gal. 1:18) Still he persevered to the end and truly became the rock on which the church is built.

This 6'2" bronze sculpture was designed to show the many sides of our beloved St. Peter. He is powerful, yet graceful; he is the fisherman, with a net over his arm; he is the teacher, with his lips parted and his left hand beckoning; he is the rock of the church who holds the keys to the kingdom (Matt. 16:19); he is the well-traveled missionary who foresees his own martyrdom (2Pet. 1:14,15). He is one whose joy is not in accomplishments, but in the fact that his name is written in Heaven. (Luke 10:20)

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