Original mosaic font interior designed and crafted by Artist Sondra L. Jonson at S. L. Jonson Studios. This is an 8 ft. wide, full-immersion Baptism Font. The interior is a 6 ft. wide octagonal floor with 2 ft. tall walls. Over 5,000 glass fragments were used to create Jonson’s design expressing the new life received in the Sacrament of Baptism.

A circular field of 14k gold tiles in a starburst pattern from the center of this dynamic design. From there, rays of blue and rose tiles burst forth into a diverging field of blues graded from light to rich deep blue towards the perimeter. From the center, a sprinkled coil of fiery colors in reds and yellows spirals outward, eventually dispersing and scattering into the rich blue outer field. The same deep blue travels up the Font’s inner walls, highlighted by dots of 14k gold, reminiscent of stars in the night sky.

The creation of the galaxies was the artist’s inspiration for this design. It is a fitting expression of the glorious rebirth of the soul as it rises from the waters of Baptism.

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