This 3/4 life-size bronze sculpture reveals Our Lady in her youth, barely out of childhood. This is Mary, young, devout, trusting. This is Mary whom the angel calls, “full of grace,” Mary who accepts God's will that will change her life and the history of mankind forever. Her face is full of innocence and peace. Her extended hands are both delicate and strong. The angel tells Mary, “Do not be afraid,” and Mary reaches out to us with the same message, “Do not be afraid to follow my Son!”

Read more about the St. Robert Bellarmine Church Prayer Garden Dedication.

“Mary, Handmaid of the Lord” stands 52" high and weighs 150 lb. She was originally created to stand in the grotto at St. Robert Bellarmine Parish prayer garden in Omaha, NE. This finely crafted sculpture is part of a limited edition and can be delivered within 6 weeks of an order.

The model was a local teenager.

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