This original mosaic artwork proclaims the wonder and miracle of each new soul that enters the world at the conception of a new child.

Through the artist’s eye, we see that the child growing in his mother’s womb is an exquisite miracle, as magnificent, splendid and unrepeatable as the universe itself. Just as Abraham heard God’s message while gazing at the star-filled sky, we hear God calling us at the momentous advent of each new child. As countless as the stars in the sky are the lives that are affected by each soul. All the universe welcomes the new child with joy.

By juxtaposing the child in the womb with the creation of the spiral galaxy, the entire artwork proclaims the magnitude and wonder of new life. The child rests in a pure white field, encased in a womb-like border of red and rose tiles. From this center, a cascade of vibrant colors surge and disperse. The ever-presence of God appears as the Holy Spirit Dove, hovering above and watching over His creation, while rays of life-giving light cascade from His plumage.

This artwork was created as a private commission. It measures 24 inches in diameter and weighs 14 pounds. Thousands of glass fragments were cut by hand to create this beautiful artistic expression.

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