September 11, 2001 is a date that no American can forget. This was the day when all Americans came to the realization that war was now being waged on our homeland. The terrorists really had no idea of what they had unleashed that day. We are Americans. We come together and in the midst of all evil and terror, we stand our ground. Young and old, man, woman or child we stand proud and free and determined to fight for that freedom.

This is our “Freedom's Legacy”. This wonderful sculpture is the embodiment of American pride and freedom. The little boy proudly salutes “Old Glory” as she goes by. Carried by one of our servicemen, may she always be free.

Wonderful detail that has been captured by the artist. The sculpture, cast from the original, skillfully reproduces that same detail. A bronze patina has been carefully applied by hand. Subtle color shadings have been added to enhance every detail.

Mounted on a solid walnut base, an engraved brass plate proudly displays the name of the sculpture.

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