This sculpture is a vignette of childhood innocence, springtime and the special relationship between a boy and his dog.

A four years old boy, sits on a flower-bordered rock, enjoying weather which has turned warm enough to wear shorts and to feel the ground beneath his bare feet. He watches in wonder the springtime world around him – we can imagine his gaze catching the birds in the trees, the sky, clouds and sun, and his ears tuned to all the sounds of spring.

His faithful companion, his little terrier, relaxes on the ground nearby, but turns his owns eyes to follow those of his beloved companion – to see what the boy sees and hear what he hears, ready at any moment to jump up and play.

After a long, cold winter, two sets of eyes focus happily on the awakening, springtime world, inviting us to share the wonder of childhood discovery and the love between a boy and a dog.

The model was a local child.


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