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Our Mother of Perpetual Help - Sculptured Icon

Our Lady of Perpetual Help is one of the oldest and most venerated icons in all of Christianity. It has long been the source of great devotion and miracles. The icon originated in Greece, but is now displayed in Rome.


The story in the icon is both narrative and theological: two archangels—Michael (left) and Gabriel (right)—show the Child Jesus a vision of His crucifixion. Jesus runs to Mary in such haste that He drops the sandal from His foot. The Mother and Son are unified: their heads lean toward each other; their hands are entwined. The mature look of Christ’s head and face signify His role as Savior of mankind. Mary's eyes appear to follow the viewer with the same tenderness She shows towards Her Son.


Jonson created the sculpture with careful fidelity to the icon, translating its design, detail, and meaning into a three-dimensional form. This project was one of the greatest honors of her career.


Size: 4 ft. high x 3 ft. wide
Material: Bronze
Edition Number: 12


Also available in 12 x 16 in. size.
Available in bronze or resin.


Purchase information: “Our Mother of Perpetual Help” is available with a delivery time of 90 days. (Call for pricing information 1-800-720-8574.)


Jonson was commissioned by St. Robert Bellarmine parish of Omaha to create a bronze sculptured version of the ancient icon,“Our Mother of Perpetual Help.”


The holy icon, created in Crete during the middle ages, has never before been translated into sculpture. The original icon now resides in the Church of St. Alphonsos on the Esquiline in Rome. It is world-famous for its great veneration and miracles.

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